Yes it is a double-negative so the reverse positive is what stands… therefore it means, yes I AM BROKEN.

This post is a brainchild that was spurned by reading a post from Pete Wilson which you can check out here:

There are several applications for this in my life.

1. There is sin in my life.  I am a sinful, broken human being that falls short of God’s glory hourly.  Let’s not try to make it sound sexier than it is… sin controls me.  The very evil that I do not wish to do is that evil that I do.  I am broken in the sense that I live in a world full of sin and God had to die himself to save me.  I am broken because I have rebelled against God and have asserted myself on his throne.  I think you get the point.

2.  You can’t get a refund for me.  I have been used and you can’t take me back.  So now we have to figure out how to fix me and/or use me in my brokenness.

3. I have hit the bottom. This seems appropriate right now. I am broken or I am not unbroken gives the idea that I have in a place where I can be used by God because there is nothing of me left anymore. I am broken means that God has taken me away from me and has replaced me with him.


This is a painful process. It is in these times and places of being broken that some of God’s greatest work gets done. Being broken reminds me of when Paul asked the Lord 3x for the thorn in his flesh to be removed. We don’t know exactly what this was but God told him ‘no’. He further told Paul in his weakness God’s power was made complete. It almost seems like God would rather use us in our times of brokeness…

In our weakness God’s strength is made complete…

Think about what you are not. I am not unbroken… and maybe that’s right where God wants me.
What are you not?

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