As you must know by now we are moving most likely to Orlando sometime in January.  As we are trying to get the boys excited about this move they occasionally will exclaim they don’t want to move.  This is very saddening for me to hear this.  I just want to make it all go away.  I don’t like watching my boys suffer.  It is just hard.  It is breaks my heart to watch him suffer because of the way that life is working out.

I imagine this must be how God feels about us.  When he looks down and sees the difficulty that we have in our life because of the sin in the world, it must break his heart.  He must ache for us every minute of every day.  Some of the struggles that we face are of our own design and some are not.  Either way, they must hurt him.  I find as a father one of life’s worst things is to watch my children suffer.  I think that being a father has done more to grow me in my knowledge and understanding of God than anything else.

Sometimes the best road for us is the one that is the hardest to follow.  When we lack certainty we must trust God.  Why does God allow suffering?  I don’t know, but I bet some part of the answer to that is to allow us to trust him more than we trust ourselves.  If we are in control, then he is not.

Who is in control of your life?

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