Right now I feel like two great heroes of all time: Abram or Captain Kirk. Both. Of these great leaders faced an undiscovered country ahead of them. I now face an undiscovered country.

December 26 marks the end of our time at Starratt Road C.C.  I’m not sure what is next for us but God has a plan somewhere in the midst of it all.

Like Abram I’m being called to follow God to a land I don’t yet know. God has called me onward to something else but I’m not sure what yet. There must be no confusion about this, I am not leaving to go to another ministry yet. That is a real likelihood but I don’t have another paycheck lined up yet.

I feel like Kirk because this future is kinda scary with unknown variables that will test my faith.  When Kirk was called to meet with the Klingons he was reluctant, but in the end a friendship was forged became a strong one. Klingons were the nemesis of Kirk and for me at this point in my life uncertainty is my nemesis.

We are on the cusp of God moving in our lives in a real and exciting way.  This is an undiscovered country, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad move.  The future is wide open as one great poet claims.

The future is a hot bed of excitement, with only one thing to come from it… GOOD, or should I say greatness.

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