Today calls us back to that first thanksgiving so many years ago when the turkeys weren’t the only things that didn’t survive. Sadly,turkey may not have been the bird that was cooked on that first day. A non-descript foul was the meal. In the years that followed turkey became the staple meal. At one time wild turkeys roamed free in the land and a man could open his front door and shotgun blast 2-3 turkeys to eat. This was the day of 60 lbs turkeys. Those majestic birds are no longer with us. They have all met the same end that many turkeys that have come after them. Turkeys are kinda like Jesus on thanksgiving. They sacrifice themselves for our sins… our sins of gluttony, drunkeness and the like. Turkeys pay an unneeded penalty for us. But I like it! I thank the turkey for his willingness to die for me. I thank God for sending his turkey for us. Rumor says Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird… I see why. It is majestic, selfless, and willing to die for others. Why not deify such a noble create? Remember today is the day of the turkey and thank God for his sacrifice not just of his son,but of what I think may have been his pet.

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