I was headed to class last night and saw (smelled) smoke from a fire.  I was reminded of my last Sunday at the church I preached at in bible college.

You may remember in 1999-2001 there were terrible forest fires in central Florida. As we headed to church which was about 45 minutes away down way far near Disney we encountered thick smoke from a fire. We tried several different routes, all of which were closed due to smoke. We literraly couldn’t get through.

Strangely enough, 10 years ago was before everybody had cell phones. We weren’t able to get ahold of anybody at the church. We didn’t have a cellphone and neither did anyone at the church. The church met in a resort community clubhouse with no phone. We had to hope the people assumed we couldn’t get there on our last dagger because of the fires.

Ultimately, we went the next week for our last week.  This memory is however forever smoked into my mind.

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