At the church we have a place behind the shed where we burn yard waste. I arranged some benches around it for a fire experience a couple of Wednesday nights ago. I was sitting out there praying today just hanging out with God an hot cocoa. I looked into the woods of to my right and saw all the birds suddenly fly away. It was as if something had scared them.

As I looked closer I saw a squirrel on a branch in the low trees where all the birds came from. It reminded me of a camping experience and a squirrel known only as the ‘Fatty Squirrel’.

The infamous fatty squirrel was easily twice the size of all the other squirrels. We were throwing pebbles and sticks at the squirrels who thought they were getting food. After a few minutes all the squirrels suddenly ran away. From the midst of the woods right in the middle of where the other squirrels had been sitting sauntered this giant fatty squirrel. He sauntered (I say this because he had a swagger to him that one does not normal see on a squirrel, its normally reserved for gang members) up and plopped down on his haunches and looked at us with a look of ‘where’s mine?’

We tossed a few things at him, rocks, and he didn’t flinch. It was as if he knew it wasn’t food. He finally left when he realized he wasn’t getting anything.

We awoke the next morning to him chewing on the peanut butter jar. He was run off as a large rock nearly took his head off.  The lid on the jar of peanut butter had a single turn left before it was open. The fatty squirrel was seeking his revenge for us taunting him with food the day before.

This is a squirrel I will never forget… I will always remember him as I sit around the campfire…

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