Sitting in the worship waiting for Andy to hit the stage to speak to us this morning at Catalyst.

The theme of the conference is Tension, focusing on Tension being good.  Wanted to think on this for a minute.  This seems counterintuitive for us.  We like peace, harmony and lack of discord.  We don’t like for the boat to be rocked at all.

But isn’t Tension good?  It creates a space for us to make change, think things through differently. To challenge the ways that we have always done things.  It allows us to get beyond the sacred cows that too often get hung up on and refuse to leave behind. Tension is good because it allows for more people to join the conversation we are having.  Getting people to join in and share their story within our story is the key to effecting change in those we encounter.

People don’t want a monologue. They want a dialogue. Will you join the conversation? Will you join the discussion and be the catalyst for change?

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