As sit here taking a break for the labs at #CAT10 I am reminded of a subject that I wanted to share with y’all.
I’m reminded of it because this morning I was very excited, yet nervous and anxious about coming to Catalyst.  I was excited because this potentially could be one of the most amazing things to happen to me this year.  Being at a conference where 17,000 other church leaders are with the ideas and questions and techniques and all of the glory that God can bring to an event like this… but at the same time I knew of no one that I know that was going to be here.  So I facebooked a fellow Jax youth minister to see if he was gonna be here.  A friend of mine saw this post and suggested that I meet some of her friends she knew were gonna be here.  So I texted them and have potentially made some new friends (at least digital ones).  We will be hooking up tomorrow.  As I wandered around the open area where all the vendors are I randomly ran into an elder from Campus  Church in Gville and was able to see him and his wife along with Campus’ new Family Minister.  I’ve never met Phil.  I think there might be a new friendship there as well.  We went on to sit during 2 labs and lunch together.
So I went from knowing no one, to being able to connect with other ‘real’ people.  Also, I have increased the number of people I follow on Twitter while here.  Building digital relationships as well.
I like my alone time, don’t get me wrong.  But I also like my people time.  God created us for community.  Remember in the Garden when he said it is not good for man to be alone?  I think this was speaking to a greater desire than for us just to have mates, but to the desire that we need community.  Our lives are not meant to be lived in seclusion.  Reggie Joiner said in his Lab today, “There is a difference between doing faith alone and owning your own faith… we need to own our own faith, but we CANNOT do faith alone.”  I totally agree with him.
We have to have others to help us through this life, we can’t do it alone.
Who is in your community that helps you through life?

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