At least more than I give myself…

Last night the boys & I took Ronda out to eat for her birthday to Cracker Barrel. For the second time since Jagger was born we had an older couple who was seated near us come to us as they were leaving to compliment us on our nice family & how well we and the boys conducted ourselves.

This kinda always amazes me because I feel like my family is organized chaos most of the time. It makes me feel good for others to look at us and assess that we are a pleasant family who is keeping things together.

Ultimately, this makes me feel good because I’m not always sure that I’m a good parent let alone the one that God wants me to be. It’s hard sometimes being a parent. You want to do what is right by your kids, what God would want and what is civil. Sometimes though, the sinful nature gets the best of you and you don’t know if your are a good parent.   When you couple this with the general difficulty it is to say no to your little precious children as they throw an embarrassing fit in public (or just anytime when they make bad choices and you have to make good on your threats of discipline. It’s best for them to not get everything they want. It is good for them to see consistency from us.

I love my kids and my family. I love being a dad.

I guess it’s just nice for others to notice too.

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