I’m remined that God offers forgiveness without judgment for our sins. What I mean by that is if we accept the blood of Christ our sins are covered and God can judge them & not us. We become made righteous because of the blood of Christ in spite of ourselves.

How do we obtain forgiveness? Ask for it.  What does asking for it involve? Confessing it and owning it. Admitting our error and doing better next time.

Scriptures encourage to bring our mistakes out into the light where they can be seen for what they really are. What remains hidden in the darkness is able to remain to unchanged. When sin remains unchanged it retains it stranglehold on our lives. We can’t live in the dark and the light at the same time.

Forward Motion requires that we accept our errors, our sin and claim them so we can move forward. God is ready to bestow his grace when we are ready to accept it and leave our sinful lives behind.

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