A little while back I bought a minivan. This afforded me the opportunity to join the Minivan Revolution. (You can read about that adventure here.)  This minivan has had various mechanical problems. I have been struggling with continuing to put money into it when I could very driving something cooler and waaaay more manly.

By not wanting to drive the minivan and attempting to revolt against this I feel I have come to spiritual moment of learning. Why do I feel the need to be cooler than a Minivan?  I think it stems from my desire to resist a God-given blessing and try room be more worldly. The essence of a minivan is family-centered. By trying to revolt against the minivan I find myself revolting against my family to some degree.

I have come to grips with the fact that I AM a family man first.

Whomever I was before this moment in my life is now irrelevant… I am a family man. That is the main descriptor for who I am. I can either revel in this or lament the way things used to be. Why can’t being a father be just as awesome as not being a father? In reality it is much more awesomer [sic]. I am able to share my life, my experiences with a family. I have 3 little men in training who hang on my every word and action. I get to show these guys the joys in life that I have come to know. Like my father before me, I will teach my boys how to camp, hike, climb, mtbike, rappell, tie knots, rock hop, treat their mother (& other women), trust God, live a life of faith, love them, be unwaveringly devoted to their mother, serve God, and fart loudly & obnoxiously. Does it get any better than that?  I suspect NO.

I am a family man. Would I trade that? Not for anything this world has to offer.

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