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The Diary of God… temet nosce (“thine own-self you must know”).

I will never forget the first time I saw the movie the Matrix. In the movie is a scene I will never forget seeing for the first time either. At one point, Morpheus takes Neo to see the Oracle. Over the door in the kitchen at the Oracle’s apartment is a plaque with the saying temet nosce which they rendered Know Thyself. If you remember this movie, Neo goes to the Oracle because Morpheus believes that he is the ‘one’ who is going to save mankind from the machines. Allegedly the Oracle ‘knows enough’ and gives you a word according to the gifts that have been given to you. So as Neo is in the conversation with her about whether he is the ‘one’ or not the Oracle tells him: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret…Being the One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you’re in love, you just know it. Through and through. Balls to bones.” I will never forget this because like Neo who ultimately is the ‘one’, he allows his own fears and disbelief in himself and something bigger than himself to allow him to wander of the path to fulfilling what his purpose is.

Another aspect of being in the Diary of God is knowing yourself and knowing what your purpose is. This is much easier said than done. In order to know yourself you have to know a little about God. This is important because it is God who made us and in order to get a handle on what we are made for, we have to know a little more about the one who created us or our creator. I was reading an article from Psychology Today earlier on this subject and it tends to be a hot topic in the world today as people are trying to find themselves and find out who they really are. Sometimes it is easy to know who we are and other times it is very tough to be able to land on what we are made for and what our purpose in life is. I have spent many hours thinking, pondering and arguing about what my purpose is.

In the mental health community there is much talk about being fully aware of ourselves and knowing who we are and being grounded. This is a similar concept to the idea of knowing thyself. The idea is that if we know ourselves and are fully aware of who we are as individuals and as therapists the better we are going to be able to relate to and help other people work through whatever is ailing them.

In all honesty this journey of trying to find out who you are and what you are here for is hard. It is tough because sometimes it causes you to challenge ideas and values that you once held so tightly. Sometimes we are forced to think outside of our selfishness and look for other greater good that is to be put before our desires and wants. We often times will look inside of ourselves and find stuff we don’t like… stuff that is downright disgusting and scary. This also makes the journey hard.

I find that I hate myself most when I read some of the passages of Scripture that tell me that out of the overflow of my heart my mouth speaks… this is hard to swallow considering some of the things that has come out of my mouth. In a circumstance like this knowing who I am on the inside is pretty important. I want to know if who I am reflects what I say or did I just have a weak moment and slip in my verbage?

Before we are able to live up to what God wants from us, we have to figure out what he wants from us. Again, easier said than done. Being in the Diary of God means that we are going to have to look inside ourselves at the deepest recesses that we hope no one ever sees in order to determine who we are and where we are going. Until we “thine own-self you must know” we will never be able to live fully for God… that is why knowing thyself is being in the Diary of God.

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  1. william wallace

    July 27, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Many at an stage of development
    that being troubled / not because
    anything one may / or not having
    done, but simply a stage answers
    do not come in words alone / they
    need be accompanied by spiritual
    experience / giving understanding
    of which one does’nt gain worldly.

    In knowing true self it one must
    direct the/senses inward to self.

    In senses only pointing outward
    to the material world /then they
    reach the limit in understanding
    of course one could start making
    up nonsense in having a belief in
    this as belief in that of a fictional
    heaven the soul enters when one
    departing material human frame.

    Though such mumbo jumbo as
    ideas /beliefs no wish of many.

    The stage of higher development
    can only be achieved turning the
    senses inwards / then / spiritual
    experience of another level / not
    ideas beliefs but real experience.

    On pc search (words of peace)
    (prem rawat foundation) both
    sites be videos of (prem rawat)
    speak at depth on a individuals
    growth in spiritual experience
    as understanding/ in bringing
    their unfolding of knowledge.

    In spiritual development one
    not given anything / rather it
    the true self revealed / which
    long lost buried underneath a
    material mountain of illusion.

    • William-
      interesting you comment on another post mentioning ‘Real worship is to turn the senses inwards thus one having true experience of heaven’, yet here you say:
      ‘one could start making
      up nonsense in having a belief in
      this as belief in that of a fictional
      heaven the soul enters when one
      departing material human frame’

      So, is heaven the source of where we turn inward to find true worship or is a non-sensical belief in a fictional place?

      • william wallace

        July 30, 2010 at 9:18 pm

        Excuse the delay in reply …
        its a bit of both in / in that
        when in turning the senses
        inward you are never going
        to be able describe in words
        your experiences.. they being
        simply beyond that of words
        words in (truth)very limited.

        What more important being
        the preperation/ before the
        senses are turned inwards /
        such preperation being vital.

        With senses turned inwards
        you will experience the word
        of GOD / as in drinking from
        a everlasting spring / seeing
        the light of creation /as hear
        that of the music that divine.

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