Last one of the Diary of God posts from two years ago. Hope that you enjoyed them…

I was reading Matthew 6 this morning. There is that section where Jesus speaks of not having treasures here on earth. As I quickly mused and pondered (with 2 kids & 2 dogs it seems like everything is pondered quickly) that not all treasures on earth are bad. Jesus is making the point that we are not from here and we are going somewhere else when we die. This world is not the end of our existence. Peter tells us that we are aliens & strangers in this world. But we do have treasures here that don’t take our focus off of God. And that really is the point isn’t it? God needs to be our focus and primary priority. Yesterday we took Noah to his open house for his K3 class that starts on Monday. Afterwards we went and picked up some school supplies like shoes and clothes. He is very excited about going to school. Later in the evening the boys rode their ‘motorcycles’ to a park a couple of blocks from our house. As they rode their ‘motorcycles’ around on the tennis court I realized that Noah is no longer a little baby. He is growing up so quickly. As I read Matthew 6 this morning I thought “my boys are my treasure”. Being in the diary of God implies a realization of what treasures really matter, and which don’t, while simultaneously realizing I am God’s treasure. I have incredibly more about my relationship with God since becoming a parent than I thought humanly possible.

So now we fast-forward to years after I originally wrote this and now I have one less dog and one more boy with two boys (Noah & Hayden) that are no longer babies but indeed growing young boys. Wow. As the ensuing years (from original press time) have unfolded, I have been implicitly aware of the fact that physical possessions are not treasures and family is the only treasure that lasts.

This sounds easy, however this lesson is much harder to learn when you are the one learning it. It hurts to have all your worldly possessions that you value ripped away from you by a God who claims to love you and know better for you than you know for yourself. ..

I’m not much of a gardener, but I wonder if it hurts the plants when we trim them back? As we cut away the limbs, flowers and leaves that are not helping the plant grow, but actually stifling its growth… does it hurt them? God is our gardener and it sure as heck hurts when he trims me back…

We are refined as Isaiah 48:10 says,

Do you see what I’ve done?
I’ve refined you, but not without fire.
I’ve tested you like silver in the furnace of affliction.

Why does God have to use affliction to refine us? I suspect, it’s the only refining method we would listen to… only one I would hear anyway…

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