I don’t know what your theory on coincidences is, but there are lots of people who subscribe to the idea that there is no such thing as chance or coincidence. I have read this book a couple of times called the Celestine Prophecy. Honesty forces me to confess that I stole the book from a co-worker at GrillMasters, the restaurant I worked at in Gainesville. Dave Reynolds let me borrow it and I forgot to return it. I really think that I did it purposefully. On one hand I am ashamed of my actions, but on another I’m glad I have the book, I have read it twice. The basic premise of the book is that there is this ancient manuscript that is a religious text which clarifies many things that humans have known inherently to be true but unable to articulate. Like, for instance that chance happenings aren’t chance and they happen for reason. Again, I don’t know how you feel about
statements like that, but maybe there is some truth to them. I believe that often God works in and through those chance happenings or coincidences. The catch for us is to be intune to his will so that when one of those learning experiences is presenting itself we are able to learn and grow. Many times in my life things that were coincidental and just too weird to have been pure coincidence have occurred. For me God is the only explanation that makes some things to make sense. Sometimes I think being in the Diary of God is being present and available to follow God through the coincidences that he brings us to. Being able to recognize and being willing to follow God when it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Am I willing to follow God when he leads me by presenting me with a chance occurrence or a coincidental happening? That depends, how deep am I in the Diary of God to be able to see that he is leading me through coincidence.

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