I wonder if part of being in the diary of God includes missing the point a time or two. It seems inevitable that as humans we are going to at one time or another have vision that is clouded by our own thoughts and desires. It’s during those times that we miss the point. God tries his hardest to lead us where he wants us letting us use our free will to choose the manner we will follow and how closely to him we follow. I often wonder if the biggest mistake God made was not in allowing Satan to exist but choosing to give man free will. How does God feel when he sets all the signs in place and then his children still end up on the wrong path. Fortunately, God is a God of grace and mercy. Which are probably the greatest things God has ever done. Still I wonder if part of the plan is for us to miss the point on occassion so that we can be reminded of where we need to be. What is the saying about learning from mistakes? I can’t learn from yours, only mine. We visited a church called Church Alive a few years ago. I really liked that church. Pete, the guy who preaches does a pretty good job. When we were there he spoke on seeking God. How we need to seek God and not try to do things ourselves. This kind of hit home for me, because I feel like right now we are trying make things work on our own and not seeking God enough to let him work out his will in our lives. Maybe missing the point and then realizing it places me firmly in the Diary of God.

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