I did two things that I have never done before yesterday. 1. I downloaded a sermon from a friend of mine & signed up for 3 podcasts of churches that I like. 2. Actually listened to 1.5 sermons. I made it through one Rob Bell and halfway through an Eric Brown (which means I listened to 23 mins, brother Brown was long-winded). I was thinking that listening to people gifted with the ability to orate and explore and make understandable the Scriptures is part of the diary. Listening to and being challenged by speakers of the Word puts us firmly in the middle of the diary. This is one of the main ways that God uses to challenge us to be better, to be more like him. I found myself squirming in the midst of running as I listened to the sermons. I was compelled to be a better person, to do more, to want more, to love God & people more deeply. Reading the Scriptures can be one-dimensional, so it is not until we hear the words spoken and explained by another does the passgae come to life and begin to take on meaning, application and a life of its own. Are you letting God move you into and through his diary by hearing the spoken Word and allowing them to convict & change you?

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