I just ran 2 miles and completed half of the P90X chest and back workout (thanks to a crying toddler and baby I was unable to finish it all).

It occurred to me I wonder which I really believe to be more important.  If I truly believe spiritual discipline and my spiritual life to be more important than my physical life, why do I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about, planning and living out my physical discipline over my spiritual ones.

This may be over-spiritualizing the issue but I suspect for some, like me, the idea of being able to control and not be controlled by the whims and desires of the body becomes a spiritual issue.  For me, Dr. Pepper and Krispy Kreme hold immeasurable power.  I can’t help myself when they are in play.  Not to mention, I know coffee and gluten (found in my most favorite foods like aforementioned Krispy Kremes and bread) are highly toxic to my body both physically and mentally, yet I find myself unable to resist the urge to consume them at times.

Is there a weight limit to gluttony?  I don’t think so, it is when the foods begin to control you and you become addicted in some way to them.  No, not addicted in the classic sense of the term because there is not a psychological-chemical dependence with withdrawal developed to a donut, but there is a craving and addiction that occurs.  Also, factor in elsewhere in the Scriptures where we are encouraged not to be drunkards.  One could easily argue that this command also includes being controlled or over taken by any substance (otherwise meth is ok by the Scripture’s standards, cause one gets high not drunk from meth). 

So if we are not to be controlled by any substance and gluttony is closely knocking on the door, does that then make physical discipline a matter of spiritual discipline?  For me, I argue yes.  Does that let me off the hook for not spending the appropriate time in prayer and in the Scriptures? Of course not.  Makes me realize my slackerness and desire to do and be better.

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