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This is NOT what Lincoln Intended

Have ya seen the new penny? Sacrilege, I say! Sure, it’s nice and shiney and new and looks like it’s a brand new penny an all but the deviousness just starts with the shineyness and extends beyond it to something deeper and more sinister.

As the picture will demonstrate, they have changed the picture on the back of this most sacred of coins. Where the Lincoln Memorial once stood as a testament to the resolve and quiet but firm leadership of one of America’s greatest presidents now sits a shield and ribbon with the lame dead language of Latin. Honest Abe added too much to our culture, society and government like the Lincoln logs, the Lincoln Memorial and the Penny itself for us to tarnish ‘his’ coinage in this way.

As Lincoln stood at the Gettysburg Address and addressed while emancipated as he proclamated I assure you he never envisioned the day this would happen. The day where his own memorial would be removed from his own coin.

How should we respond to this outrage? Refuse to use this new penny! I say don’t let the government tell us how we should remember the great Abe! Further, propose for you all to send me your vile pennys and I will use my garage smelt and destroy these pennys and turn them into something useful! Don’t be told how your money looks! Revolt! Send me the pennys and I’ll make this right!

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