On wednesday night we braved new ground with our WednesdayNITRO!. Split into planned small groups. No this was not change for the sake of change. It was change to improve and to make things better. What we are trying to accomplish is make our time together a safer place for the students. It is not my intention to upset or offend anyone. I hope that everybody involved knows that my best intention is for our students. Please feel free to speak to me If there are any concerns.

I should disclaimer myself and state that I’m not in this to keep cows sacred for the sake of it. I like traditions as long we keep them in order for a reason. For instance, I hate to get rid of stuff. Shoes get recycled with glue. Pants get repaired with duct tape. Stuff just doesn’t get thrown out until it is dead beyond the ability to repair with duct tape or gorilla glue.

I point that out to demonstrate that I don’t want to change for the sake of change, I wanna change for the sake of better.

More changes and more plans for the future are coming down the pike. Thanks for the support!

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