I sit here on the precipice of greatness and I’m awed at the wonder and splendor of it all. Sounds all fancy an exciting, doesn’t it?

Jagger will be my first son to come at an induction that was pre-scheduled and unforeseen to us ( as long as he doesn’t arrive premature to it). This is kinda weird. Not the normal. Seems odd that we called our doctor and ‘ordered’ our baby. And yes, shipping is free.

Jagger is evoking feelings and responses in me I thought were dead or at least dormant. For instance, I want my own diaper bag. Go ahead laugh at me. I don’t care. I have 3 male children, so my manliness is firmly established. But I really want one. Why? Beats me. Didn’t feel that waY with the other two. I want a new very nice crib not the hand me down from the other two. We are also doing cloth diapers. Weird, huh?

I also feel compelled to make some New Baby’s Resolutions, kinda like the ones that get made at the start of a new year. Things like exercise more, drink less pop (soft drinks), eat less gluten, cut out coffee again (I have hit a few cups in the last 2 wks), run more, lift weights or something. Strange to me. It’s almost like being a new dad. I felt these feelings when Noah was born and to a degree when Hayden was born. It’s almost like my life has been such turmoil and upheaval over the last couple of years, and specifically last year, that it’s not until the day before a scheduled birth that I can begin to be excited for a new life being added to my family (on the outside of Ronda’s belly). Now I wanna cry tears of joy, sadness & just tears.

That’s my cue to go.

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