Sunday at Campus Eric wrapped up his sermon with:

What inside of me is keeping people from coming to God?

Or worse, what inside of me is hindering people from coming to God?

As I was picking up the boys from their class, I realized what obstacles inside of me are make it hard for people to draw near to God. I hope with all I am, that these obstacles don’t push people away from God. I often have a bad attitude and a smart mouth. Not good for a Christian, even worse for a pastor. These are obstacles that I have tried to tackle on my own… Which is futile.

There are some behaviorists and psychologists that say people are incapable of changing ‘who they are.’ This can’t be true. We are fallen beings who are born into a world of sin. If we have no ability to change, there is no option of eternity with God. If the Holy Spirit is incapable of effecting change, life is dismal.

Thankfully, change is possible. Not only is it possible, it is expected. God tells us to no longer be conformed to this world, but be transformed. The word transformed in the original language is metamorphosis, like when a catepillar becomes a butterfly. That’s change!

There are a few images in the Scriptures that really grab my attention. Metamorphosis and Fire stand out to me. They fascinate me like no other words. Metamophosis – creating beauty out of crap and Fire – consuming, regeneration. Strangely, both images involve change. They involve change that is dramatic. The change is such that it doesn’t logically make sense that a butterfly came from a catepillar or that cinders & ashes came from a whatever they were before they burned.

What obstacles are inside of me? Nothing that is too big for God to overcome and destroy. However, we can’t overcome the obstacles until we know what they are…

What inside of YOU is keeping people from coming to God?

Or worse, what inside of YOU is hindering people from coming to God?

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