The H. G. Wells classic The Island of Dr. Moreau was turned into a movie starring several big names in the late 90’s. This story fascinated me and caught my attention as a story that tells us much about our existence as humans.

Once Edward is rescued and brought to the isle he is immediately curious regarding what happens on the island. In one of his initial meetings with Dr. Moreau, the good doctor reports that he has ‘found the devil’. He goes on to say that he doesn’t have horns, red skin and a pitch fork. (Moreau may be right here, as the devil masquerades as an angel of light.) He says that the devil can be boiled down to bad genes (all the malice, hate, anger, envy, strife, etc, qualities that we often attribute orginating with the devil). Dr. Moreau says he is close to being able to irradicate the devil by genetically engineer humans (by splicing them with animals).

What’s the point of this? Dr. Moreau was wrong. The devil is not bad genes.

He is wheat/gluten.

I have removed wheat/gluten from my diet for health reasons and now whenever I ingest a very small amount of it, I pay for it. Diarrhea, here I come! Too explicit? That’s your fault for reading. Friday I enjoyed 1 (one) piece of Cracker Barrel French toast for lunch. By 9 Saturday I had pooped 3x. Sucks.

What is th devil? Wheat/gluten. How do I know this? It’s in everything that is good to eat. And it hurts when I eat it.

(Of course, this is just for fun. The devil is in fact a real being that is the antithesis of everything a Christ-follower stands for. He is the enemy and is not to e taken lightly.)

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