Celldweller has a song entitled Frozen with some lyrics that have made me think critically about what I recently re-read in Rob Bell’s Sex God. He was speaking on lust and how lust takes our focus off of God and almost more deviously twists our perceptions of things that were intended to be good. Like sex. God intended it to be a beautiful thing between husband & wife and lust (thu the work of Satan) has twisted it to something else. Bell speaks about David’s son Amnon fell in love with his sister Tamar. And he lusted after her. Ultimately he raped her and became so enraged at the sight of her that Scriptures say he hated her more than he had loved her. The lyrics in Frozen say:

Inside this fantasy
It seems so real to me
Synthetic ecstasy, when her legs are open
True Love behind a wall
Where men and angels fall
A fading memory, when my mind is frozen

(I recommend Sebastian Komor’s Filter Overdrive remix)

Synthetic. That’s what lust is. Trading the real for the unreal. Bell goes on to say that lust becomes our master. When we want something so bad thAt we can’t think of life without it, it owns us.

That’s his point. And I think God’s too. Lust, not just for sex, becomes our God very easily. When we focus on something and spend all of our thoughts on something it becomes our master. We then becomes frozen inside the fantasy that seems so real to us we are unable to see it isn’t real.

I wonder who/what is our master?

— Eli

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