Last nite I had the ocassion to spend time with a buddy of mine at Maude’s a local coffee shop Ronda & I used to frequent. I hadn’t been there in years, so this was my first time since we moved back. We were gonna meet at Starbucks, but they were closing.

Nick was amazed and enthralled at my streetfighter in the making. Mainly because it either looks like it rolled off the set of Mad Max or outta a junk yard (depending on the light!). Not everyone sees my vision and is able to understand my art. He was able to appreciate, though.

As we often do when we congregate, we spoke of theology, God, church and many things that just aren’t right with the world. I must confess, with each congregating, I enjoythe tines more and more. It was cold as we reclined outside. I would have liked a little warmer weather. It would have made the reclining and the motorcycle ride a little warmer. Who am I to complain?

Coffee was good, the congregating better. Nick is a well thought out and versed man. Also rough around the edges, like myself. I appreciate immensely the type of Christianity he bring to the table. The type I imagine is very much like Christ.

It’s 40 minutes past when I was supposed to start working. I must go. I bid you adieu.

— Eli

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