As I ran on Saturday through ‘my woods’ my thoughts wandered to last Xmas. We were in Georgia. I had just finished another term at school, having told my classmates not to expect to see me again as j was moving for work. I had a start date planned fo a new job (which was actually an old for a second time). Life seemed good from the vantage point I was at…

I remember my New Year’s Resolution being I wasn’t going to have another crappy year (as with all resolutions, that didn’t go as planned). It seems that life has a way of working itself out. Dr. Ian Malcolm would say that ‘life finds a way’ due to chaos theory. I would say that God finds a way… Maybe through chaos theory as well.

The outlook for 2k10 is much better than 2k9.

We live in a different town. We both have jobs. We are having more family time. The family time we have is more enjoyable. It is hard to complain at this time.

We are not where we want to be and our hopes for this coming are high. I do believe we are in a place in our lives thAt we are going to be able to make our goals come true. It is going to take hard work and determinAtion along tons of prAyer, but it is possible.

I’m not resolving to not have another crappy year in 2k10, that’s impossible ( as fAr as my power to control or effect it… although with God nothing is impossible, which is why I say as far as my power). My resolve will be for something that I can actually do…

— Eli

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