For the last two days I've had the chance to go trailrunning. I
realize that even when you can escape the concrete jungle of central
Florida, what is left is nothing like what there is here in north
Georgia. The first difference that come to my mind is hills. We don't
have them in Florida. Yesterday I clocked 4 miles at the Sandy Creek
Nature Center. There is. 4 mile trail that goes over from the nature
center to the park. I ran half of it and turned around and came back.
Accept for the initial down from parking lot and then up at the end
this trail is relatively level as it follows beside a river. So it was
four miles in the woods on level terrain. Today however, I ran trails
at the nature center that were up & down & all around. After knocking
down about 3.5 miles I hurt. It hurts so good though. I'm glad I got
out to run. I haven't been very diligent with my running and I miss it
tremendously. My plan is to hit sandy creek everyday for the rest of
the week while I'm here.

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