Some time ago I washed an excercise jacket that had Ronda’s iPod in it. Of course, it ceased to work at that point. It wasn’t much of a problem at the time because we were living with her parents and doing a lot of running together. Then we moved back home and neither of us have been running the way that we could or should. So it still hasn’t been much of an issue. Ronda has started to run more often again. Which I like a lot. As she has been running more, she has been using my iPod. If you know either of us at all you know that we don’t have the same tastes in music even slightly. There are very few overlaps in our tastes of music.

In a moment of clarity last night I decided to run to walmart to get her a new iPod. I didn’t tell her where I was running to: it was a surprise. Except that when my mom and sis ran to 7-11 and got home before me and subsequently freaked out about me being gone for more than 1.5 hrs. I expected Ronda to fall asleep as she always does and be none the wiser when I got home.

So I ran the 2.5 miles to walmart, got an iPod an 8 lbs. medicine ball and a red bull. I proceeded to run home. Admittedly, I was running slower using the medicine ball to work abs as i ran.

So instead of coming home to a sleeping wife, I came home to a mother wandering the streets looking for me while my wife drove around looking for me and was on the phone with the police. Yes, they were concerned enough for my safety that the police were called. So the big surprise of an ipod for Ronda was somewhat overshadowed because running to walmart almost involved the police.

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