Being a dad is an adventure. And it isn’t always safe. Sometimes it is downright reckless.

Sometimes, as parents we throw caution to the wind. Sometimes we do crazy things. Sometimes we do the unthinkable.

I have three boys and everyday is a new adventure. Everyday is reckless. Everyday the limits of space and time are tested. Everyday, we find new ways to challenge the stagnation of life. Everyday we seek new adventures.

If you ask me one word to describe how I feel about being a dad and my three boys, I would say love. I love them with every ounce of my being and I love being a dad. I love them beyond their ability to comprehend and understand everything I do is with that end in mind – loving them. Wanting the best for them. I love the more each day. I love them recklessly.

I want to share our adventures with you. I want to share our stories with you. I want us to see that reckless is somehow normal. It can be scary. It can be fun. But, it is always an adventure.

Will you join me in being reckless?